This country prepared vaccine of coronavirus, claims 'Patients are recovering'
This country prepared vaccine of coronavirus, claims 'Patients are recovering'

New Delhi: When the whole world is busy making vaccines to eliminate the coronavirus. On the other hand, China has also prepared a shortcut for this. China has developed such antibodies. These antibodies are proving to be the most accurate and effective treatment for the coronavirus. It is being claimed that China has cured thousands of its patients of the disease in the same manner.

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According to Chinese scientist Zhang Linqi, the coronavirus attacks only by entering the cell inside the blood. To counter this, Chinese scientists have developed antibodies that do not allow the virus to enter the cell. Due to this, the virus cannot spread the infection in the body and its treatment becomes easy. Chinese scientists identified 20 antibodies to fight corona infection. Four of these antibodies are working well against the corona.

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The infection of the coronavirus, which started from the city of Wuhan in China, has spread worldwide. 82,437 people were infected due to the virus in China. But the Chinese government has managed to cure about 76,566 people in this epidemic too. During this time, 3,322 people have died due to this deadly virus in China.

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