China makes Corona its new source of revenue, doing this to become global superpower
China makes Corona its new source of revenue, doing this to become global superpower

New York: The Coronavirus, which is wreaking havoc all over the world, is not taking its name to stop. Every day millions of lives are being wasted due to this virus. As of now, no treatment has been available to fight this virus. Many family members have lost loved ones every day due to the coronavirus. Not only this, due to this virus, the daily death toll is increasing. There have been more than 64000 deaths worldwide. But China, which is responsible for the corona which wreaks havoc all over the world, is now trying to earn money under its guise. It is making huge profits by selling medical supplies and equipment to other countries in the name of help. Ironically, even a superpower like America is obeying its supply at this time. India also has the same situation. Many weak countries of the world are completely at its mercy. Experts have understood this devious move of China. These people have warned the world that in order to make its threats, China is also giving the idea of blunting the media to weaker countries.

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Profit-making China: According to the information, Manila-based academic Richard Jawad Heiderin wrote in his article published in Asia Times that while the world is struggling to overcome the Corona crisis, China has started making profits under its guise. China has also increased its military activity in the last few days.

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Many top Chinese officials believe that the corona virus has been spread by the Chinese army: They have written that China is working on many levels to bring out the havoc of the corona. According to him, many top Chinese officials believe that the coronavirus was spread by the Chinese army. Even during the Corona crisis, China was engaged in maintaining its strategic and economic threat in the South China Sea. China has recently announced the discovery of large reserves of natural gas in the sea of the northern region. China has achieved this success at a time when the rest of the countries are using all their resources to deal with the disease. The US, which is devastated by Corona, has implemented the Defense Production Act to ensure medical supplies. Lockdown has been implemented in China's neighboring countries Malaysia and the Philippines.

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