China's lie reveals, there are 6 lakh people infected with corona
China's lie reveals, there are 6 lakh people infected with corona

Beijing: China is hiding the real data of coronavirus cases, this question has been raised many times in the last 24 months, but no firm evidence was found about it. But now a recent revelation has said that not only 84 thousand but 6.4 lakh people in China were suffering from Coronavirus. A report giving information about this has been leaked from the National University of Defense Technology, run by the military.

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This data also showed that 230 cities of China were vulnerable to infection. According to this data, the number of patients during the peak of Corona in China was up to 6.4 lakhs. However, China has officially stated 84029 cases. In this leaked data, details of 6.4 lakh people from 230 cities of the country are present. Confirm cases, date locations are recorded in each entry, which are from the beginning of February to the end of April.

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In this data, names of hospitals, residential apartments, hotels, supermarkets, railway stations, restaurants, schools and even branches of fast food chains are recorded in the location. It is believed that each entry is linked to at least one case, which clearly means that at least 6.4 lakh people in the country were suffering from Coronavirus.

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