China: Massive gas line explosion, 3 died
China: Massive gas line explosion, 3 died

Beijing- A gas explosion in north China collapsed a portion of a skyscraper, killing at least three people in the tragic accident. 30 others are said to be injured in the accident. The incident took place at a hotel in Shenyang where repair work was being carried out and the old gas line was being replaced, state media reported.

More than 80 lakh people live in this city and it is a big industrial centre. Photographs posted by local news websites and footage from state broadcaster CCTV show debris falling from a damaged building on a busy road. Three floors of the building have been damaged.

China is changing decades-old infrastructure and the gas line is a mainly dangerous part of this project. Earlier, 25 people died in a gas line explosion in a market and residential area in China's Xi'an province in June.

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