China raises objection over ban of 43 Chinese apps
China raises objection over ban of 43 Chinese apps

BEIJING: Amid the ongoing impasse at the border with China, the Indian government has banned 43 Chinese mobile apps in the wake of national security, following which India's digital strike has dragged the dragon. China has objected to this action and protested and requested the Indian government to restore trade relations in mutual interest.

An official statement issued by the Chinese embassy on Wednesday said, 'China and India are opportunities for development rather than threats to each other. Both sides should bring back bilateral economic and trade relations on the basis of mutual benefit and dialogue and dialogue'. All the same, the statement said that the Chinese Communist Party regime strongly opposes citing national security as a pretext by the Indian side to ban China's mobile app.

The embassy further claimed that the Chinese government has always emphasized the need for Chinese companies to follow international rules, act in compliance with laws and regulations, and work in accordance with public order and good ethics. Simultaneously, Embassy spokesman Ji Rong said that China hopes that India will provide a fair, and non-discriminatory trading environment for all markets in various countries, including China, and improve discriminatory practices that violate WTO regulations.

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