US Air Force aircraft seen in Taiwan area, claims Chinese media
US Air Force aircraft seen in Taiwan area, claims Chinese media

Beijing: Tensions between India and China are increasing these days. China is not only troubling India these days, but it is troubling every neighbouring country. Meanwhile, on Monday, the Chinese media Global Times claimed that American military ships are moving near Taiwan.

The Global Times tweeted that Chinese airforce and American airforce aircraft are flying in Taiwan areas these days. It has been claimed that the presence of the Air Force of both countries in this area is very strange. However, some of its information has not been shared. In the South China Sea area, China constantly harasses its neighbours. In the past, there has been interference from its side. China has been asserting its authority over Taiwan in such a way, if the American aircraft is there, then it is not a good sign. The US military is present in the South China Sea at all times to help many countries including Vietnam.

In the past, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said that the US would withdraw its army from Europe and reduce the number of soldiers. He said that the army will now be deployed in Asian areas because countries like India are threatened by China. On the other hand, there is still tension between China and India in Ladakh, Chinese soldiers are not ready to leave the LAC.

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