Four cats confronting a cobra, video captured by Neil Nitin Mukesh
Four cats confronting a cobra, video captured by Neil Nitin Mukesh

Many such videos are seen on social media which surprise you. Somewhere videos of snakes and videos of lions continue to appear. One such video is going viral in which the battle of kittens and snakes is being seen. Let us tell you, Bollywood star Neil Nitin Mukesh shared a video from his Instagram account. In this video, a snake is surrounded by four cats. This video is being watched a lot.

In this video, it can be seen that cats are watching the snake curiously. A cat even attacks a snake. Neil told that this video was shot when he arrived for the shooting of his film 'Bypass Road'. It is seen in the video that after the attack of cats, the snake is also ready for attack. This fight may be fun, but in the last, the snake leaves the battle and hides in the surrounding bushes. Also, cats and snakes are not harmed. Neil captured this video in the camera.


Earlier in the day. Went for the BGM with @naman.n.mukesh for #BypassRoad , got down of the car and saw this.

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While sharing this video, Neil wrote that today was on a shoot on the bypass road, got down from the car and saw it. Neil has confirmed in this comment that wildlife officials were called to rescue the snake. One user wrote in a comment that someone should have called snake catchers so that the cobra can be released in the jungle. Neil later agreed to it.

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