Will people decide when the lockdown and corona infection will end?
Will people decide when the lockdown and corona infection will end?

Everyone knows that the coronavirus spread from Wuhan city of China to the whole world. However, a question will surely flare in everyone's mind that how and when this epidemic will end. Experts do not yet have an answer to this matter. There can be two types of answers to this question. First, in the medical term, the World Health Organization (WHO) will announce that the corona infection is no longer an epidemic.

For your information, let us tell you that the WHO has not even set its standards. Second, people will get bored of the coronavirus themselves and even if life has to be endangered, they will have to return to normal life. According to foreign media, many experts believe that the common people will make an informal announcement of the end of the epidemic. However, till now it has been seen that even after the official announcement of the end of an epidemic, the fear of the disease remains in the people.

It is said in many proverbs that the losers of the mind are defeated, the victories of the mind are victories. It is the same against Corona. Experts all over the world believe that any disease dominates as long as it is feared. According to the media, Dr. Susen Murray of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, says that the fear of that disease arises without any epidemic. Like it was born in England about Ebola. Likewise, the opposite can also happen. We will have to wait. A disease is an epidemic until the fear ends.

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