Commotion Erupts as Eid Namazis Pray on Meerut Streets, Prompting Police Intervention
Commotion Erupts as Eid Namazis Pray on Meerut Streets, Prompting Police Intervention

Lucknow: In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, worshippers gathered on the streets to observe Eid prayers, prompting the UP Police to take action by filing a case against 200 individuals, as confirmed by a senior police official. SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan stated that further steps will be taken once the identities of the accused are determined based on viral video evidence.

The incident occurred on Eid day, with a large crowd assembling at the Eidgah in Meerut, leading some to sit on the road for prayers. Tensions escalated when worshippers clashed with the police after being prevented from praying on the road at Shahi Eidgah. The following day, a case was lodged against 100-200 unidentified persons, following a complaint by Police Sub Inspector Ramautar Singh of the Railway Road police station. The complaint cited disruptions to traffic caused by individuals praying on the road despite police instructions.

Efforts were made to redirect worshippers to Faiz-e-Aam College, but confrontations broke out between the crowd and law enforcement. Individuals in the crowd chanted religious slogans, pushed past police barricades, and removed barriers. Several videos of the incident circulated on social media. The detainees were placed under custody at the Railway Road police station. SP Ayush Vikram Singh explained that measures were taken to manage the large crowd at the Idgah, redirecting them to Faiz-e-Aam College. He noted that while some individuals engaged in verbal altercations with the police, appropriate legal actions were taken at the Railway Road police station.

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