Mumbai Police's Innovative Reunion: QR Code Helps Locate Missing Child
Mumbai Police's Innovative Reunion: QR Code Helps Locate Missing Child

Mumbai: In a heartwarming incident from the Colaba Police Station area in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the Mumbai Police successfully reunited a mentally ill minor with his parents using modern technology. Unlike the usual story seen in films where a symbolic mark helps a child reunite with their family, this time it was a locket around the child's neck containing a QR code.

The incident began when a 12-year-old child boarded a bus while playing and subsequently went missing. Despite extensive search efforts by family members, the child could not be found, leading to despair among the family. However, hope returned when the child was spotted wandering alone in Colaba by concerned individuals who promptly informed the police.

Upon bringing the child to the police station, it became evident that the child was unable to provide any information about himself. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the police initiated a search operation and disseminated information about the missing child to all police stations. However, no leads about the child's family surfaced during the investigation.

It was during this time that a policeman noticed a locket around the child's neck, which caught his attention. Upon closer inspection, the locket was found to contain a QR code. Without hesitation, the police scanned the QR code, which revealed a phone number linked to an NGO specializing in assisting mentally handicapped children.

After contacting the NGO, it was discovered that the child hailed from the Worli area, and his parents were desperately searching for him. With this crucial information, the police promptly reached out to the child's family and invited them to the police station. Finally, after an anxious wait, the missing child was joyfully reunited with his relieved parents, thanks to the innovative use of technology by the Mumbai Police.

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