Arrogance among tribals in Sudan, many people lost their lives
Arrogance among tribals in Sudan, many people lost their lives

Cairo: Today, the crime of increasing crime is causing panic and chaos in everyone's heart and mind, where every day some news comes in, due to which the atmosphere of fear increases in people. Everyday news of someone's death from somewhere or sometimes someone's suicide incident completely shakes people. People have died during a conflict in Sudan. According to Sudanese officials, three people have died and at least 79 others were injured in clashes between tribal groups in the east of the country. According to officials, the three deaths occurred on Sunday and all of them were members of the Bani Amer tribe.

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According to Kasala city governor Major General Mahmood Babekar, violence in Kasla first erupted between the Bani Amer tribe and the Nuba tribe on Thursday. Babekar said that clashes started again in the weekend. Many houses were set on fire even before the troops were deployed to restore security in the city. At least 59 people from both sides have been arrested. Tribal conflict has become a significant challenge to the government's efforts to end decades of rebellion in Sudan. The country is on a delicate path to democracy after the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir last year.

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Kasla town is about 400 kilometers (250 mi) east of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Footage aired online shows dozens of people committing violence on the streets and burning houses. This violence has come to the fore in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in the country. Sudan's health system has been weakened by decades of war and sanctions. In the country of 43 million people, 64 people have died due to coronavirus, while 1,164 people are infected. Tensions between the Bani Amer and Nuba tribes mainly for water as well as other resources began in May last year in the eastern city of Al-Qadrif, where seven people were killed. A fresh fight erupted again in August in the Red Sea city of Port Sudan, killing more than three dozen people.

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