Harish Rawat is making unrestrained statements only after Congress has accepted defeat: CM Pushkar Singh Dhami
Harish Rawat is making unrestrained statements only after Congress has accepted defeat: CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

Dehradun: The BJP had given the slogan of 60 Par in the past and the people of the state have voted in favour of the BJP in the elections, this is the statement of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami. The BJP is going to complete the 60 Par in the state. He described Harish Rawat's statement on EVMs and postal ballots as ridiculous.

At the same time, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh said that Congress is well aware that they are losing badly. Harish Rawat's unwarranted statements show that Congress has accepted defeat and in the wake of the defeat, Harish Rawat is making false allegations regarding EVM malfunctioning and voting against the Congress in the postal ballot. This statement is completely ridiculous. He said the BJP is confident of victory and the BJP is going to form the government with an absolute majority in the state.

At the same Sushila Tiwari Hospital, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh was met by the sanitation workers appointed from Upazila. He said that while ending the strike, he had assured to get salary for the duration of the strike for 78 days but to date, he has not been able to get the salary. Among those who met Chief Minister Pushkar Singh were Shayara, Sahana, Kavita etc. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh assured that after March 10, 78 days of stalled salary will be paid. Ghumavati, who had come from Nanakmatta to Susheela Tiwari Hospital to get her daughter-in-law treated, told Chief Minister Pushkar Singh that she is from a poor house. She doesn't have her husband. The daughter-in-law was operated upon due to delivery. He is now admitted to STH. He doesn't have money for treatment. He should be given financial assistance. The Chief Minister asked the Principal of the medical college, Dr Arun Joshi, to assist in the treatment as much as possible.

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