'Congress has decided that it will make appeasement, lockout and abuse only election issue', PM Modi lashed out in Karnataka
'Congress has decided that it will make appeasement, lockout and abuse only election issue', PM Modi lashed out in Karnataka

Bangalore: In view of the assembly elections in Karnataka, Prime Minister Modi did a road show. Thereafter, while addressing a public meeting in Badami, Karnataka, Prime Minister Modi said, even today the people of Congress do not dare to call India the Mother of Democracy in the country and the world, they only attack India's democracy. Attacking the Congress, the Prime Minister said that this is the mentality of slavery from which India is coming out today. 

Attacking Congress, Prime Minister Modi said, Congress has decided that it will not give up its old habits. She will make appeasement, lockout and abuses an election issue only. The whole of Karnataka is angry with this diplomacy of the Congress. The Prime Minister said in the public meeting, this enthusiasm of Karnataka, this enthusiasm is telling that once again the double engine government is fixed here. The people of Karnataka are fighting this election for the BJP. Prime Minister Modi attacked the election symbol of Congress. Prime Minister Modi said, what is this claw of Congress which eats 85 paise out of 1 rupee? Because of these misdeeds of the Congress, our country remained backward for so many decades. The diseases which were strengthened by the Congress during its rule of years, now the BJP is giving permanent treatment to those same diseases.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi also addressed a public meeting in Haveri, Karnataka. Because of this, the Prime Minister said, every citizen of Karnataka has come to know very well the policy of appeasement and lockout of the Congress. Be it OBCs, Lingayats, everyone is angry because of the abuses used by big Congress leaders. That's why people's anger has now become a resolution. That's why the same voice is echoing everywhere in Karnataka from every street and locality. Prime Minister said, double engine government brought new medical college and engineering college here in Haveri, because of double engine government Haveri University got crores of rupees, double engine government got Haveri a new milk plant, double engine government road, rail … is making unprecedented investments in connectivity infrastructure.

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