Congress MP Hibi Eden's wife apologises for comparing rape with fate in a FB post
Congress MP Hibi Eden's wife apologises for comparing rape with fate in a FB post

Thiruvananthapuram: Anna Linda Eden, wife of Congress MP from Kerala, has been in the headlines since days. In fact, she had compared luck in the past with rape and in a Facebook post on Monday. She had posted: "Fate is like rape. If you can't resist it then try to enjoy it.".At the same time, after being trolled on this post, Linda, while writing an apology, also claimed that she has "just repeated what Amitabh Bachchan said."

Yes, Anna Linda Eden, wife of Congress MP, compared luck to rape and on Monday. At the same time, Anna had shared two video clips with this post and people trolled her on this objectionable post. At the same time, when she was trolled, she retracted her statement and also wrote an apology on her Facebook page.

In this, Anna Linda has written a long post and she wrote,"I am really sorry, if my post has hurt anyone. The only reason I decided to put it out was to send a message that when one passes through dire and trying situations, one should face it with a smile. For the past one week, my father is in serious condition and is hospitalised and then came the floods and with great difficulty, we managed to wriggle out of our home, when our home was flooded. Eden was busy with electioneering."

He further said, "I remember when I was young, great Amitabh Bachchan wrote a similar sentence when his ABCL was passing through tough times. And that sentence of his was a great motivation for me. Even now, I feel solace in what he said."

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