Construction of a ship repair facility in Pandu will start in May 2022, says Sarbananda Sonowal
Construction of a ship repair facility in Pandu will start in May 2022, says Sarbananda Sonowal

The Pandu ship repair facility will begin construction in May 2022 and be finished in two years. Union shipping minister Sarbananda Sonowal revealed this on Monday. Sonowal met with key officials from the inland waterways authority of India (IWAI), Cochin shipyard limited, and IIT-Madras on Monday to discuss the Pandu Ship Repair Facility's development.

The technical work is being finished, according to Sonowal, with the facility's construction set to begin in May 2022. The project is expected to be finished in two years, by 2024. The new ship repair facility was announced on August 26 of this year. This facility is projected to play a significant role in the Northeast's economic recovery.

IWAI and Cochin Shipyard Limited collaborated on the design and implementation of this project. IIT-Madras is providing the technical support. The facility, also known as the 'Slipway,' would be built on 3.67 acres of land donated by the Assam government. Sarbananda Sonowal went on to say that the development of the waterways is crucial to the Northeast's future success.

"Our rich history of economic success may be reinvigorated by improving our rivers as waterways for seamless and rapid flow of commerce and passengers," union minister Sarbananda Sonowal said after the review meeting. "This would not only improve the export sector of the entire Northeastern area, but it will also become a key multiplier in the development of jobs in the region," he added.

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