Follow these steps to fight with coronavirus
Follow these steps to fight with coronavirus

It is being said about the coronavirus that if the enemy is to be defeated, then along with its shortcomings, one must also keep an eye on the merits. According to it, the strategy has to be prepared. Keeping this in mind, a joint study of Goan scientists Ashok Kumar Marwah and Padma Marwah suggested effective measures to take two hands with the corona until the vaccine arrived.

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A Protocol for Prevention, Treatment, and Control study published in the Journal of Applied and Natural Science about Corona states that we use this deadly virus by using soap, mouthwash, gargle, zinc and copper with steam by mouth can be defeated. The ancient Indian methods like sunbathing, yoga, pranayama, jalnetti and havan can also curb the Covid epidemic in a big way.

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Shell viruses like Coronavirus prepare their shell from the membrane of the host cell. In this, the double layer of phospholipid is separated by cholesterol and proteome molecules. These viruses cannot survive without a host cell for a long time. If their outer transitory lipid layer is destroyed, they become inactive.

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