Crocodile attacks may increase due to Global warming, reports reveal

Beijing: Global warming may lead to an increase in the number of crocodile attacks. An Australian expert gave this information on Sunday. Adam Britton, a zoologist at the Institute of Environment and Livelihood research at Charles Darwin University in the northern region, said, "With the rise in temperature, crocodiles will move to areas where they have never before. We settled."

He has said that this spread of mass-age means that these reptiles will now come in contact with people they had never been in contact with before. Britton has said that "As the earth gets warmer, it means that as a direct result, crocodile attacks will increase as it gets warmer. It's going to change the spread of crocodiles."

"We are seeing in Indonesia that crocodiles are going to places that they have never seen before or have never seen for too long and this is giving us the comfort of attacks," he added. "After the loss of their habitat, crocodiles will leave these places and move to places where people are not theirs," according to the UK, in areas in northern Queensland where these crocodiles have rarely been spotted before.

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