Tauktae cyclone: 6 killed and more than 2 lakh shifted, 410 still trapped

May 18 2021 09:01 AM
Tauktae cyclone: 6 killed and more than 2 lakh shifted, 410 still trapped

Mumbai: Cyclone Tauktae has set off an in corona-hit India last Monday. The storm has now become active in gujarat areas after it first hit Maharashtra. And it is causing havoc. Recently, the Met department had warned that the storm could wreak havoc and all state governments were already active. Despite all the preparations, the storm has shown its vicious form. According to the information received, the coastal areas of Maharashtra, Daman and Diu, Gujarat have witnessed the of the cyclone.



The storm hit Gujarat last Monday afternoon following severe thunderstorms, storms and rain in Maharashtra due to Tauktae. It was reported that winds were blowing at about 185 per hour and due to the impact of the storm, the Gujarat government shifted about 2 lakh people, who lived mainly in the coastal areas of Gujarat. It is also being said that two boats with 410 people are still straying in the Arabian Sea, a search operation is being carried out by the Navy. The same storm is so dangerous that no concrete information has been found so far.

Let us also inform all of you that this storm has taken a big toll in Maharashtra before entering Gujarat. In fact, six people lost their lives in Konkan region of Maharashtra due to this cyclone, while 3 sailors are still missing. Several cities in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, received complaints of falling of trees, boards and pillars during the storm, causing jams and causing problems to the common people. Let me tell you that yesterday mumbai airport had to be closed due to storm. After that, when this storm entered Gujarat, the airport at Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot was also closed. The Indian Navy is fully active and making all arrangements around the maritime areas. Dozens of Indian Army teams are also spread over different parts of the affected states where they are working closely with the local administration.

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