In China, 'deadly virus' wreaks havoc again, 9 million people were imprisoned in lockdown
In China, 'deadly virus' wreaks havoc again, 9 million people were imprisoned in lockdown

Beijing: China, infamous for spreading corona all over the world, is once again witnessing the outbreak of this deadly virus. In view of the worsening situation, the Chinese government on Friday (March 11, 2022) took a tough decision, imprisoning 9 million (90 million) people in lockdown in the country's industrial city of Changchun. In the order issued by the Jinping government, people have been banned from stepping out of their homes. Now people here will have to do three rounds of testing.

According to the report, in view of the seriousness of the situation, the Chinese authorities have closed down all unnecessary businesses in the city, as well as the transport service. The Chinese government has taken this step at a time when the national administration has registered 397 cases of corona locally from all over the country. Of these cases, 98 of the infected were residents of the vicinity of Changchun in Jilin prefecture. However, only two cases were found there on Friday. The Chinese administration has decided that wherever one or more of the infections are found in the country, a lockdown will be imposed immediately.  

The Chinese government is adopting the policy of zero tolerance against the corona epidemic. In Jilin city, the Chinese have already imposed a partial lockdown. Not only this, the connectivity of this city with the surrounding cities has also been abolished. On Friday, 93 cases were found in the city. In view of the magnitude of the omicron variant of the corona, schools in Shanghai Financial Center have also been forced to close down. According to the report, more than 1,000 fresh cases have now been detected in China, the highest since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China in early 2020. Many such reports have come out, in which it was claimed that the coronavirus was created in the Bio Lab in Wuhan, China.

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