Delhi Govt Set to Introduce Innovative Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme Today
Delhi Govt Set to Introduce Innovative Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme Today

NEW DELHI: In a significant move, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot announced that the Arvind Kejriwal-led government is poised to unveil the 'Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme 2023' later today.

This pioneering scheme marks the nation's inaugural aggregator initiative designed exclusively for premium buses, signaling a pivotal shift in public transportation. Emphasizing top-notch quality, comfort, and reliability, the buses enlisted in this initiative aim to alleviate congestion and curb air pollution, as highlighted by government officials.

The scheme distinctly defines a "Premium Bus" as a fully air-conditioned luxury public bus with a seating capacity of no less than nine passengers. These buses boast pre-reserved reclining seats and are equipped with essential amenities such as Wifi, GPS, and CCTV, according to an official statement.

Under the scheme's guidelines, onboarded buses must not exceed three years in age. Additionally, for buses utilizing CNG, those joining the service after January 1, 2025, must transition to electric vehicles.

Impact on Commuters:
The scheme mandates pre-booked digital ticketing exclusively, eliminating the issuance of physical tickets. All passenger charges will be collected solely through electronic or digital payment methods. This move aims to streamline operations while ensuring a cashless transaction experience for commuters.

In line with prioritizing passenger safety, the scheme aims to incentivize aggregators and delivery service providers to adopt electric vehicles, thereby contributing to reducing air pollution in the national capital.

Expanding the service spectrum, the scheme integrates bike taxis as service providers, necessitating the onboarding of electric two-wheelers for passenger transport services.

Ensuring Rider Welfare:
Prompt and efficient resolution of rider grievances forms a cornerstone of this scheme. Any complaints regarding the ride, driver behavior, or vehicle condition can be reported within 24 hours of availing the service. If a complaint involves criminal allegations, the concerned driver will be temporarily suspended pending resolution.

The scheme adopts a zero-tolerance policy against drivers using drugs or alcohol. Any driver found in violation will be immediately suspended pending investigation by the aggregator.

The scheme further mandates the installation of Certified Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Systems with panic buttons in passenger vehicles, ensuring enhanced safety features.

Additionally, the scheme necessitates the placement of fire extinguishers, disabled child lock mechanisms, and manual overrides for the central locking system in all designated vehicles.

The introduction of this comprehensive scheme marks a progressive step towards enhancing public transportation services while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and quality for commuters in Delhi.

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