From colourful sweets to silverwork, don't buy such sweets by mistake on Diwali

Diwali is celebrated with huge fanfare every year and is scheduled to be celebrated on 4th November this year. Mother Lakshmi and Ganesha are worshipped on Diwali. However, Diwali seems incomplete without sweets. Every house has sweets on Diwali and people take a lot of colourful coloured sweets from shops as they look very attractive but when buying sweets people forget whether these sweets are real or fake. In fact, Diwali is the occasion when very adulterated sweets are available in the market. In such a situation, if you are also buying colourful sweets, it is going to harm your body. We tell you the reasons for this.

1. Adulteration of colours in sweets- Sweets found in the market are more colourful in appearance but can cause serious diseases like allergies, kidney disease and asthma. Tell you that the number of colours in sweets should not exceed 100 ppm (Parts Per Million).

2. Fake silver work in sweets- Fake silver work is used to add glamour to many colourful sweets.  Yes, silver work is done on sweets in many shops to make them shiny and attractive, but it is sometimes aluminium work which is very harmful.

3. Adulteration of sweet Mawa- Sweets made from Mawa are also going to be adulterated a lot these days. If you take sweets on the occasion of Deepawali, take sweets from a trusted shop.

If possible, make sweets at home as it will protect you from adulterated sweets outside.

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