Don't forget to keep such passwords anywhere, otherwise all the information will be leaked
Don't forget to keep such passwords anywhere, otherwise all the information will be leaked

At one time everything could be protected from locks and keys. It was said that if the lock is strong, your thing will be safe. But in this changing world, the place of the lock-key has been taken by the password. That means if your password is strong, everything from your phone to banking is going to be safe. In such a situation, it is necessary for people to make the password stronger than the lock-key. However, how to make the password strong, so let's know about it.

In fact, it is necessary to create a strong password while creating password. For this, it is necessary not to use common words while creating a password. Security solutions company NordPass also releases a list of 'Top 200 Most Common Passwords' every year. The list includes passwords that hackers and cybercriminals will hack in a matter of minutes. According to the report, most people use some common name when setting passwords, making it easiest to hack. So if you use any of these 200 passwords, change them immediately.

Do not create passwords with these names: Aditya, Ashish, Anjali, Archana, Anuradha, Deepak, Dinesh, Ganesh, Gaurav, Gayatri, Hanuman, Hari Om, Harsh, Krishna, Khushi, Kartiki, Lakshmi, Sundar, Manisha, Manisha, Mahesh, Naveen, Nikhil, Priyanka, Prakash, Poonam, Prashant, Prasad, Pankaj, Pradeep, Praveen, Rashmi, Rahul, Rajkumar, Rakesh, Ramesh, Rajesh, Sai Ram, Sachin, Sanjay, Sandeep, Mashuk, Suresh, Santosh, Simran, Sandhya, Dhupdar, Jhankaar, Vishal

Always create strong passwords: Most people use their name, date of birth, phone number or other personal information as a password. Such passwords are hacked in a few minutes and sometimes even seconds.

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