Coronavirus vaccine will be introduced after President election in America
Coronavirus vaccine will be introduced after President election in America

Washington: Everyone awaits vaccine amid Coronavirus outbreak. How long the vaccine will be made, when it will be available in the market, nothing can be said in this regard. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has made a big statement. Trump said the Coronavirus vaccine would be present in the country after the November 3 election. Trump said in the recorded video message that "I think we should have the vaccine before the election, but obviously politics is happening and that's okay, they want to play their game. This is going to happen right after the election."

There are going to be presidential elections in America. On the issue of Corona, there is a fierce politics in America. The opposition surrounds Trump as a failure on the Corona front. Donald Trump himself is suffering from Corona virus and is undergoing treatment in the hospital. America ranks first among Corona affected countries. In such a situation, Corona is a big issue for America in elections. 

The outbreak of corona in the entire world including America is increasing. In the last 24 hours, for the first time in the world, 3.42 lakh corona cases were registered in one day and 5882 patients died. Earlier, on October 2, the maximum number of cases were registered in one day was 3.26 lakh. Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Russia and Colombia have reported the most corona cases in the last 24 hours after India and the United States. India ranks second in terms of the countries most affected.

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