Drone Surveillance Reveals Stones on Rooftops Ahead of Ram Navami
Drone Surveillance Reveals Stones on Rooftops Ahead of Ram Navami

Ranchi: As Ranchi prepares for the upcoming Ram Navami procession scheduled for Wednesday, the city's police force is on high alert. Acting on the directives of SSP Chandan Kumar Sinha, the police conducted surveillance of houses located in sensitive areas using drone cameras on Monday. This surveillance revealed that stones were placed on the roofs of ten houses along Main Road, Lake Road, and Hindpiri.

Identifying the owners of these houses, the police issued notices instructing them to promptly remove the stones from their rooftops. Failure to comply could result in legal action if the stones are found to have been used in any disturbances during the procession. The police will reassess the situation through drone surveillance during the event, and a reduced presence of stones will be considered as evidence of their use.

SSP Sinha emphasized the seriousness of the police force's approach to ensuring security during Ram Navami. Additional forces have been deployed in areas where suspicious objects have been identified. Stringent measures are in place to tackle any attempts to disrupt the peace, with individuals spreading rumors or inciting violence warned of direct imprisonment.

Plainclothes policemen will be stationed along the procession route during both Ram Navami and the Chaiti procession. Over a hundred officers have been assigned to monitor the crowds closely, with instructions to apprehend anyone seen attempting to disturb the peace.

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