EAM Jaishankar slams Pak, on cross-border terrorism
EAM Jaishankar slams Pak, on cross-border terrorism

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister (EAM) Dr. S Jaishankar has said that India's diplomatic strategy involves engaging all major centres of power and pursuing multi-alignment to reflect the reality of multipolarity. 

EAM Jaishankar said that each engagement has its own particular weight and focus, and India is trying to make sure that all relations advance without seeking exclusivity, notwithstanding, there are two countries that fall into a different category when it comes to being India’s neighbors.

EAM Jaishankar says that China is unique because of the border conflict and the unusual character of their existing relations. Jaishankar has also made it plain that because Pakistan promotes cross-border terrorism, it is an exception to India's Neighbourhood First Policy. Because of the boundary dispute and the unusual state of our relations right now, China is in a different category, he said..
Pakistan is obviously the exception given the cross-border terrorism it sponsors. But India has always stood up for its neighbours, whether it be during the COVID challenge or more recent debt pressures, he continued.

India's immediate concerns are in its neighborhood, and it has chosen to cooperate with its smaller neighbours in a kind and non-reciprocal way, he said. With the exception of Pakistan, this strategy has led to a dramatic increase in connectivity, connections, and collaboration throughout the region.

The Act East Policy opened a door to a broader engagement with the Indo-Pacific through a mechanism known as the Quad, and India has developed the idea of extended neighbourhoods in all directions.

Jaishankar emphasized the strengthening links between India and the Middle East and the Gulf, with the I2U2 grouping of India, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States serving as a symbol of these relationships.

He said, there are almost eight million Indians who live and work in the Gulf, and their link goes much beyond just business; it also involves security, technology, and close interpersonal ties. India's viewpoint is affected by SAGAR, the Sanskrit word for oceans, to the south.

India's relations with various nations and areas are built on priority rings that are concentric, with each circle having its own weight and focus. India is pursuing a strategy to better link with Central Asia, and this has taken the shape of organised engagements in numerous fields.

Jaishankar also emphasised the Indo-Pacific vision, which has become a cornerstone of India's strategy in the area and was born out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comprehensive view of the whole Indian Ocean and its islands.

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