Know how long the antibodies remain after defeating the corona
Know how long the antibodies remain after defeating the corona

People closely watching covid-19 believe that antibodies do not persist in the body of patients who have recovered from corona for a very long time. Based on a survey conducted by the staff of JJ Group of Hospitals in Mumbai, the report shows that these antibodies have not been in the body for more than a few months. This fact can prove to be decisive in deciding the course of treatment of corona, especially, in preparing its medicine and planning to be administered to the public.

Antibodies are important parts of our body's resistance. These are elements of proteins called immunoglobulins. At the same time, the elements that cause damage to the body are called antigen. These can be viruses, bacteria or harmful chemicals.

Antibodies act as search battalions or search soldiers in our body. The special thing is that every different type of antigen has different antibodies. They come out of our cells, find enemies or antigens, find them and stick to them and destroy them. Once the body is right after fighting a disease, antibodies are formed in the body against the disease that protects the body from similar infections in the future. This study's head Dr. Nishant Kumar says, 'Seven weeks Previously 28 of 801 healthcare workers at JJ, GT and St. George's Hospitals were found to be corona infected in RT-PCR tests. But during the sero survey in June, antibodies were not found in any of these bodies.

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