Mark Zuckerberg in TROUBLE, former employee made this big allegation

Facebook has been accused of stake in the safety of individuals after internal documents were leaked. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has clarified this. He dismissed the faults and said that it was not true. Facebook has taken full care of the safety of individuals. In fact, Frances Hougen, who leaked Facebook's internal documents a few days ago, has now come out in the open.

At the same time, he had alleged that Facebook has put the safety of individuals at stake to earn money. The fuel division of the company harms the children, it needs to be controlled. Mark Zuckerberg's statement comes after the company's shares suddenly fell after Facebook's server went down for 6 hours on Monday night. Earlier, even when former employee Frances had leaked the company's documents, the company had suffered a lot.

Let's say Frances Hougen has been an employee of Facebook. In an interview with a news channel, he said, "I joined Facebook because I hoped that from here I could do good for the world, but I left because Facebook products are harmful to children." They promote division and put democracy in jeopardy. Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook account that it would be highly illogical to say that we deliberately promote such content to make a profit, which angers individuals.

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