Father murders daughter and wife to marry girlfriend, arrested

Feb 12 2019 10:52 AM
Father murders daughter and wife to marry girlfriend, arrested

Mumbai: In ahorrifying incident, A father allegedly murdered his own daughter and wife with the help of his girlfriend. Police arrested the accused and his girlfriend on grounds of murdering his wife and daughter.

The accused who is a Mahim zari unit owner confessed that he slitting his daughter's throat because he thought that she had brought him bad luck. Illiyas Sayyed, the 36-year-old accused even confessed that he and his girlfriend had tried to set his flat on fire to hide his crimes.

As per the reprots,  the incident was highlighted when the residents noticed that smoke was coming out of Sayyed's flat. After seeing the smoke, they informed the Shahu Nagar police. The police opened the door to found the dead bodies of his wife and daughter lying in the kitchen.

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During initial interrogation, Sayyed said that his wife had killed his daughter, which is why he slit her throat. However, on further interrogation, Sayyed revealed that he had suffered losses after her birth, which prompted him into believing that her birth had brought him bad luck.

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Police said that Illiyas Sayyed  has had an extra-marital affair with a woman since the past three years. The police also added that they recovered the knife and the blood-stained shirt of the accused. The accused also stated that he wanted to marry his girlfriend and live with her along with his elder daughter.


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