Fighting Against all odds- Shivani saxena, Awarded as the best Emerging Influencer

From a little girl who experienced bullying and body shaming to a woman who rose from the ashes recognising her true potential and the best version of herself. We would like to welcome Shivani Saxena from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, a girl who once questioned her own existence due to some primitive beliefs that eventually made her who she is and how she wishes to inspire the generation and keep it true. She has received recognition from Discover Uttarakhand Magazine and Uttarakhand Tourism as The Best Emerging Social Media Influencer, and she attributes all of her success to Mr. Akshay Shah, Director VK Enterprises.

When the fearless and compassionate influencer understood how much better off you can be with acceptance can really make you feel the way you want to, and her love of fashion and makeup eventually drove her to act on her desires. She credits her brother, who comes from a middle-class family, as her strength. When she wasn't confident enough to share her taste in fashion with her family, he stood up for her and stood up to the low-minded community, which gave her more power to emerge and push her to where she is standing with pride today.

When describing her youth, she discussed how a setting like a school could be so toxic due to some teaching that failed to instill in pupils the importance of recognizing natural beauty and the fact that everything can be beautiful. She explains how her mother inspired her when she saw how she handled everything through the ups and downs and how she developed the not giving up attitude from her. She shared her vision of representing her place and power of inspiring the girls who ever felt or experienced the same, and she shared how we can do it. She is a fighter for the girls facing the same bullies, an influencer and an independent woman who is ready to live life for a purpose.
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