French court imposed a big ban on Muslim women, dispute started

Paris: Controversy is getting bigger in France over the burkini worn by Muslim women in the swimming pool. The mayor of the Alpine city of Grenoble in France recently allowed women to wear burkinis in public public swimming pools. The mayor said that men and women can wear the clothes of their choice and go to the swimming pool. But now a French court has reversed this decision.

The burkini is an all-in-one swimsuit worn by Muslim women in France to cover their body and hair while bathing in a swimming pool. It has always been controversial in France and it has been banned in public places. According to the report, the court overturned the mayor's decision to wear a burkini, saying it seriously violates the principle of neutrality in public places.

On the other hand, French Interior Minister Gerald Dormanin was against the municipality's decision from the very beginning. After the court's decision, tweeting on Twitter on Wednesday evening, he welcomed the court's decision as a good news. People who support burkini say that banning burkini serves to increase discrimination. The municipality's decision to allow wearing of the burkini was due to go into effect from June, but the governor of the city of Isre in south-eastern France asked the court to reverse the municipality's decision.

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