G-20 summit: Urged for end the war in Ukraine
G-20 summit: Urged for end the war in Ukraine

BALI: As world leaders gather to discuss how to repair the faltering global economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the consequences of conflict in Europe, a Group of 20 summit on Tuesday with calls to end the war in Ukraine started.

The G20, comprising 19 countries and the European Union, accounts for more than 80% of global GDP, 75% of global trade and 60% of the global population. Nations in the group range from Saudi Arabia to Brazil.

On 15–16 November, the leaders' summit will be held in Bali, Indonesia, which is the rotating presidency of the G20 this year. In attendance will be the 17 G20 leaders as well as leaders of other invited nations and international organizations.

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The talks were initiated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who has sought communication since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

"We are without other options. To save the world, a collaborative paradigm is desperately needed." In his opening remarks, Widodo said, "We all have a responsibility, not only to our people, but to the people of the world." Even for

"If we are to act responsibly here, we must end war. If war does not end, it will be challenging for the world to move forward. It will be challenging for us to take responsibility for the future of both the present generation." And generations to come if the war doesn't end.

The world should not be divided into different parts. Before the world leaders began their private discussions, he said, "We must prevent the world from descending into another Cold War.

On the first day of the summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke via video to the assembled officials, urging an immediate end to Russia's war.

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Zelensky, speaking to the audience in Ukrainian, declared, "I am convinced that the time has come when the Russian war of extermination must and can be stopped.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was not in attendance as he had canceled his appearance; Instead he was represented by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

A "majority" of G20 members "strongly condemn" the invasion of Ukraine, according to a draft statement carried by Reuters news agency.

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Since the war is likely to have an impact on the statement, which needs to be adopted by all G20 members, the likelihood of a final communiqué from the summit has been questioned. As officials disagreed on the causes of the current crisis, a meeting of ministers representing them in July failed to reach a consensus.

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