Woman suffer sudden pain in stomach and gave birth, was not pregnant
Woman suffer sudden pain in stomach and gave birth, was not pregnant

There are many shocking cases coming from all over the world. The case that has now come to light is related to an air hostess who has suddenly claimed to have given birth to a baby girl in the toilet. As per the information received, a trainee air hostess named Lucy Jones claimed that she came to know about her pregnancy only when she saw 2 feet of the baby coming out while going to the toilet. Apart from this, Lucy Jones has also claimed that she was taking contraceptive pills and a few days ago she was also declared fit to fly in an investigation by airlines. In fact, Lucy Jones says that she was understood until recently that her periods were coming and a few days ago, the pregnancy test also came negative. Lucy, 22, lives in Bristol, UK, and now she has suddenly given birth to a baby.

Lucy Jones says she was shocked when she gave birth to a baby girl last month because she had no symptoms of pregnancy. Not only that, but she also used contraception. Lucy says she had gone to the club about 10-15 times during her pregnancy, drank alcohol, and attended several parties. Despite two negative pregnancy tests and medical tests, Lucy Jones had no idea that she would give birth to a baby girl soon. The trainee flight attendant, in this case, said that she had suffered minor back and abdominal pain the night before. Talking to a news agency about her delivery, Lucy said, "I didn't know I was pregnant until I saw the baby in the toilet.''

She says I was in bed, suddenly there was a stomach cramp. It felt like I needed to go to the toilet. I quickly went to the toilet and gave birth to a baby girl there. I immediately called the ambulance because I was alone at home. I wasn't in much pain at the time. There was just a pain in my back and a mild pain in my stomach, but there was no unbearable pain. Now Lucy's baby girl Ruby is perfectly fit and she is 4 months old.

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