Girlfriend Ends Relationship Due to Boyfriend's Broken Leg; Boyfriend's Response Will Shock You!
Girlfriend Ends Relationship Due to Boyfriend's Broken Leg; Boyfriend's Response Will Shock You!

An alarming incident has emerged from Dhandhuki village in the Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. In a shocking turn of events, a girlfriend was murdered by her boyfriend after she went missing, and then he took his own life by hanging. However, the boyfriend survived. The conclusion of this love story might not have been so tragic; everything seemed to be going fine. However, a road accident created such a chasm between them that they never reunited. They were separated forever.

On February 20th, the girl's body was found in a field. Due to the body being three days old, a stench had begun to emanate. Nearby farmers informed the police. The Superintendent of Police in Shahdol, DC Sagar, revealed that the girl's murder was committed by her boyfriend, who then fled after dumping the body in a pigeon pea field. He has since been arrested.

During the investigation, the police found out that the girl was romantically involved with a young man from the Papon Thana area. In recent days, the girl had stopped talking to the young man, which angered him. The police revealed that the accused boyfriend had become disabled in a road accident a few days ago. Subsequently, the girl had stopped interacting with him. Due to this resentment, the boyfriend planned the murder of his girlfriend and lured her to the field for a final meeting, where he strangled her to death.

The accused had gone to the house of a relative of the girlfriend in her village. They became friends, which eventually turned into a relationship. They started talking on the phone, and their friendship turned into love. Last year, the boyfriend became disabled in an accident. Allegedly, because of this, the girlfriend started to distance herself from him. Out of anger, the accused plotted the murder of his girlfriend and invited her to meet him in the field. After killing her, he attempted suicide by hanging, but was saved by the authorities.

The condition of the accused is very delicate, and he is undergoing treatment at a hospital in the Riva district. He was taken to the hospital for better treatment after being arrested. While being taken to court, the accused requested to use the restroom. However, upon entering the bathroom, he tried to hang himself with the towel. Police officers intervened immediately and took him down. The suspect was admitted to the local hospital for immediate medical attention, and later referred to Riva for further treatment.

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