Nitish Kumar's statement before the inauguration of new 'Parliament'
Nitish Kumar's statement before the inauguration of new 'Parliament'

Patna: PM Narendra Modi is going to dedicate the new Parliament House to the nation on Sunday (May 28), due to which a lot of politics is going on. 20 opposition parties including Congress have announced to boycott the inauguration ceremony. In this sequence, now the CM of Bihar and the prominent leader of JDU, Nitish Kumar, while giving a separate statement, said that the new Parliament House should not have been built. He alleges that the government wants to change the old history.

While addressing the media, Nitish Kumar has said that, 'Even in the beginning it was being talked about that this (Parliament House) is being built, even then we were not liking it. This is history, freedom was achieved, so whatever started, it should be developed there itself. There is no point in making it separately. Will you change the old history itself? We do not like that they are building a new parliament building. Just want to change the old history. The new parliament building should not have been built. The old Parliament House should have been repaired. I am against it. All these people are trying to change history. Life is useless in the new parliament. No point in going there. What is the need to go there and build that building.

On opposing the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament House by the opposition parties, Nitish said, 'Well other parties are saying that they are not going because of not calling the President. Whatever may be the reason, but we felt that what was the need to make it separately. So there was a building, we would have repaired it, will we forget the history? You should know that those who are in power these days will change the entire history. We will change the history of the freedom struggle. We were studying in school at the time of Nehru ji, who was the first Prime Minister of India. These people have to change the whole history, that's why they are changing it.

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