Google is cheating the users, this big allegation was made.
Google is cheating the users, this big allegation was made.

Google has been accused of sharing users' locations even after location off. Four attorney generals from three U.S. territories have filed a lawsuit against Google. It has been accused of location sharing on Google. The case states that Google has cheated consumers about how their location is tracked and how the company uses it. It is alleged that Google has given wrong information that users have the ability to protect privacy by stopping tracking.

According to the case, Google has assured users about which of their data companies is collecting and how Google is using their details, they have full control over it. However, it has been found that users using Google Products cannot stop the company from collecting, storing and profiting from its location.

At the same time, the report states that Google uses consumers' personal data to grow its business, including their location data. The company uses this data to show advertisements to consumers. Google has been accused of spending a lot of money to hide the location data collection practice and make it difficult for consumers to avoid being tracked. The same Google spokesperson has denied all the allegations made in the lawsuit. According to the report, the company's spokesman José Castañeda said, "The attorney general is bringing the case on the basis of the old claims of our setting. We always add personal features to the product and give users control of their location data."

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