Google removes special feature of View image button from Image Search
Google removes special feature of View image button from Image Search

Search engine Google made a big difference in image search. This change will have a big impact on Google. Google has removed the View image button from Image Search. In the image search, there was an option of first image view, which you could click on to open that image. This button was very useful for users because this feature was quite useful when searching photos and downloading. However, Google will no longer be able to save any image in the new changes.

Google has made some changes to its features in order to maintain the right to copyright image on its platform. Google has removed the 'View Image' button from the image search results. While sharing information on Twitter, Google said, "We are making some changes to Google Image to help connect users and users of the website. Removing the View Image Button is included in this change. However, the 'widget' button will remain intact, then the user will be able to visit the webpage to see the pictures. '​

Please note that this change is being seen after Google's partnership with the stock photo provider Gatty Image. Google recently signed a multi-year global licensing deal with GATI IMAGE. After this deal, Google will be able to use the contents of the GATI image with all its products and services.

According to the report, Google will also launch copyright attribution and disclaimer in the image search result. After the View Image button is removed, the user will now have to wait for the photos to load that website, where the photo is basically present. However, users can also be disappointed with it. In addition to removing the View Image Button, Google has also removed the 'Search By Image' button.

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