Wife chases husband 140 km to caught him red-handed with another woman
Wife chases husband 140 km to caught him red-handed with another woman

A woman resident of Gujarat suspected her government official husband that he was maintaining an illicit relationship. After which the woman followed her husband for 140 km and caught him red-handed with a woman. The woman's husband was locked in a guest house room with his Facebook friend. Then the wife reached there with the help of the women's helpline team. On seeing the wife, the official husband came in can. There was also a fierce scuffle between the wife and husband's female partner.

In her statement, the husband said his defense that he had come to tell his friend's horoscope. After which the wife asked the husband that you do not have time to show the sick daughter to the doctor but came to Vadodara, 140 km from Gandhinagar, to show the horoscope. Police has started investigating the case by taking a noncognizable (NC) application against the husband and his female friend.

For your information, let us tell you that on this matter, the wife said that husband Aditya Desai is a section officer in Gandhinagar. He left the office and reached Vadodara. Then shave in a saloon in Vadodara. After which he reached the Kirti Stambh, where a woman named Komal sat in her husband's car. On the way both of them had breakfast and reached the guest house. The wife said that when she reached the guest house, she saw that there was no shirt on her husband's body. Her Facebook friend was in a mini gown. Police said that on being caught, the woman told that she was divorced. At present, a case has been registered in this regard. Action will be taken on the basis of investigation.

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