Life journey of Shikha Uberoi is very interesting

Apr 05 2021 04:22 AM
Life journey of Shikha Uberoi is very interesting

Shikha was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in the home of father Mahesh and mother Madhu. When she was an infant, her family moved to Princeton, New Jersey. She has a big sister (Diya) and three younger sisters (Neha, Nikita, and Nimita). Her four sisters are also tennis players, but in all, Shikha is the most successful so far.

She was named Zee Astitva Athlete of 2007. She was one of the top-10 fastest servers in the world. She graduated from Princeton University in Anthropology and South Asian Studies. She graduated at the high academic level while winning Princeton's prestigious Kit Harris Memorial Award for Leadership and Ethics.

Shikha launched her media and lifestyle company, SDU Services, Inc. in 2013, she is currently producing and producing international social issue television shows, and is a social entrepreneur. She speaks internationally at various diplomatic conferences on women empowerment through sports. She has recently been invited to appear on the board of directors of the World Economic Forum's "Global Shapers Initiative" for Bhopal. She is also a news and sports presenter and coach of all levels of tennis and fitness.

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