Harish Rawat's taunt on PM Modi

Dehradun: Congress leader and former Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat has hit out at PM Narendra Modi's visit to Kedarnath. Congress leader Harish Rawat said PM Narendra Modi has come to Kedarnath for political speech and marketing of his party. He said that we visit shiv linga in our Shivalaya itself and offer prayers there.

The same Congress leader Harish Rawat hit out at prime minister Narendra Modi for reducing Kedar Baba's vision and giving his darshan in the name of Kedar Baba. At the same time, Harish Rawat said that this government has increased inflation in the country. Harish Rawat said that today congress is performing Jal Abhishek wherever jyotirlinga is located in every district. He said that we are devotees of Shiva, Ganga and Dev and go to our own Shivalaya and worship. We don't act.

It may be recalled that PM Narendra Modi reached Kedarnath Dham on Friday where he offered prayers at the sanctum sanctorum. Thereafter, Prime Minister Modi unveiled a 12 feet long statue of Adi Guru Shankaracharya. The PM also inaugurated a project worth about Rs 130 crore. Prime Minister Modi also addressed the gathering. PM Modi also got emotional as he recalled the terrible tragedy in Kedarnath a few years ago.

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