Van collides with trolly, six people died
Van collides with trolly, six people died

Hisar: A painful accident has occurred in the Narnaund area of Hisar district in Haryana. Here, a van filled with harians entered a trolley parked on the road. 6 Baratis were killed in the accident and 6 people are also said to be injured. At the time of the accident, a total of 11 people were riding in the same van. Narnaund's DSP Jogendra Rathi and the police team reached the spot as soon as the accident was reported.

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The police removed the dead bodies from the car and took them to the hospital in Hisar for post mortem. At the same time, the injured were admitted to a general hospital in Hisar for treatment. Police is investigating the case. Let me tell you that this van was going to Chuli Bagdian village under Bhattu area in the Fatehabad district. Meanwhile, on the way, Rakhi van collided in a trolley parked on the road near Shahpur village.

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6 including the driver died in this horrific accident. Among the dead, 5 people are said to be residents of village Chuli Bagdian of Bhattu area. While the van driver is a resident of Milakpur village. Actually the procession came back last night itself, but 11 people stayed here. The van was going to leave them back, during which this accident happened.

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