Husband- wife murdered in Karnal, dead bodies found naked

Karnal: Husband and wife have been hacked to death by some people in Kutana village farm under Karnal district of Haryana. This sensational incident has spread panic in the entire area. Police reached the spot and recovered the bodies of both of them in semi-collapsed condition. The killers have also tried to burn the dead bodies. It is suspected that the woman has also been raped.

A 12-year-old girl, who has been the victim of the hardship of 30 people, wrote on the door 'Sorry Amma...'

The police have sent both the bodies for postmortem and registered a case of murder. DSP, police station in-charge and the forensic team arrived on the spot to investigate. The dead have been identified as a resident of Kutana. Both worked hard in the fields of Satpal Singh of the village for many years and lived in a room in the farm itself. On Thursday morning, at around six o'clock, the bodies of both of them were found in blood and ardent condition. While the body of the man was lying near the bed in the verandah.

The girl was held hostage and the young man raped and then called his friends...

The attackers have also tried to burn clothes lying near the cot and corpse. Woman's body is found in a field about 50 meters from the room. DSP Ramdat, who arrived on the spot, the police station in-charge Sachin Kumar and the forensic team are investigating the case. A blood-stained sharp weapon has also been recovered from the body of the man. It is estimated that the husband and wife have been slaughtered from the same sharp weapon.

2 friends quarrelled being drunk and then one of them died

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