'Hindus beheaded the cleric...', how much truth in Al Jazeera's claim"
'Hindus beheaded the cleric...', how much truth in Al Jazeera's claim

Patna: A great example of how propaganda news channels spread fake news to advance their hate agenda has come to the fore. In fact, the media house Al Jazeera Arabic, indicting Hindus, ran fake news about the cleric's death on Sunday (June 19, 2022). The media channel had claimed in its report that a cleric was murdered by Hindus in Siwan, Bihar. Al Jazeera Arabi shared a post on Twitter. It says in Arabic, "A picture of the Imam of a mosque is going viral on social media platforms, who was killed by Hindus. While he was sleeping in a mosque in The Khalispur village of Siwan, he was beheaded by Hindus. '

Al Jazeera has also used the hashtags 'Justice for Imam Sivan' and 'Justice for Siwan Cleric' in its posts to investigate the case and arrest the murderers as soon as possible. But let us tell you that the reality behind the death of the cleric in Siwan district of Bihar is completely different from the report of Aj Jazeera. The incident took place on the intervening night of June 9-10 at Vale Khalispur village under Mufassil police station area of Siwan district. The deceased cleric has been identified as 85-year-old Safi Ahmed, who was murdered inside the mosque by locals.

According to the report, Maulvi Safi Ahmed had some dispute over land with local Patidars. Local SHO Vinod Kumar Singh said that the cleric had a family dispute with some people in the village itself. Based on the complaint of the family members, a case has been registered and investigation is being conducted in this regard. Police believe that the cleric was killed in a land dispute. Locals came to know about the incident on the morning of June 10, when the sweeper reached there to clean the mosque for the Jumei prayers. Seeing the dead body of the maulvi, he made a noise, then the people around him came there. The police were then notified. Police reached the spot and took possession of the body and took it for post mortem.

At the same time, the maulvi's son Ashfaq Ahmed said on the matter that he has an ancestral house in the village. Safi's elder brother's grandson was married on May 22. For which, his father's (Safi Ahmed) elder brother Umar Ahmed vacated the house from him in the name of staying the guests. Since then, his father slept in the mosque at night. When they came back to their house after the nikah was over, one of their rooms was locked. They (the family) refused to open the lock and also threatened to kill Ashfaq and his father. Later, the matter reached the panchayat, but they did not get justice there either. Five months ago, the court ruled in his family's favour. The case went on for five years in court.

According to reports, Safi Ahmed was scheduled to go to the Janata Darbar at the police station on Saturday with a complaint that the room was locked. The family members said that they had also made all the preparations for it and had collected all the documents. On Thursday, Safi Ahmed had shared all the details with his family's sons. As the heat on the night of the incident was high, Safi had gone to sleep on the roof of the mosque after offering prayers. He was then killed by unidentified assailants under a well-thought-out conspiracy. In this whole episode, it is revealed that Safi Ahmed was killed in a land dispute by the family members, but Al Jazeera gave it a communal colour and claimed to have been beheaded by Hindus to incite Muslims, which is not confirmed.  

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