History of India is not just ‘history of slavery’: PM Modi
History of India is not just ‘history of slavery’: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Friday that India was correcting its past mistakes by honouring its rich legacy and paying tribute to the unsung heroes and heroines who were forgotten in the history books that were written as part of a conspiracy during the colonial era.

The prime minister interjected, "The history of India is not just about slavery, it is about coming out victorious, it is about the heroism of countless greats." He continued by saying that the history of India is one of unmatched bravery and heroism in the face of oppression.

"Unfortunately, we were taught the same history that was created as a conspiracy during the era of slavery, even after independence. The objective of the foreigners who made us their slaves needed to be changed after Independence, but that wasn't done, he said.

Stories of ferocious anti-tyranny struggles in every region of the nation were purposefully repressed. "During the protracted period of persecution, there are countless tales of triumph over tyranny. According to the Prime Minister, the error of not covering those occurrences in the media is currently being corrected. The fact that this event is being held in Delhi, he claimed, is a symbol of this transition.

The Assam government was commended by the prime minister for taking action to honour the legacy of its heroes. He spoke about the plans for an Assam museum and memorial honouring the state's heroes. According to PM Modi, these actions will enable the younger generation in learning about the history of bravery and sacrifice.

"Lachit Borphukan's life motivates us to practise the credo of 'Nation First," the prime minister said. His example encourages us to put the good of the country ahead of our own needs. His example shows us that the nation should take precedence above dynasty and nepotism. "No individual or relation is above nation," the prime minister declared, using examples from Veer Lachit Borphukan's life.

He emphasised that a nation can only learn from its experiences and go in the right route for its future when it is aware of its true past. We must ensure that our understanding of history extends beyond a few decades and centuries, he said.

The prime minister quoted Bharat Ratna Bhupen Hazarika when he said that the only way we can accurately portray history to the next generation is by repeatedly remembering it.

PM Modi suggested producing a large-scale theatre production about Lachit Borphukan in the same vein as the one about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and touring it throughout the entire nation. This will greatly help "Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat's" resolution.

"We must build India and make the Northeast the centre of its expansion. The Prime Minister concluded, "I am confident that the 400th Jayanti of Veer Lachit Borphukan would strengthen our commitment and help the country realise its goals.

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