Chinese government's anti-Hong Kong law receives support from Carrie Lam

Jul 01 2020 05:06 PM
Chinese government's anti-Hong Kong law receives support from Carrie Lam

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam strongly supported the security law implemented by the Chinese government. On Wednesday, on the 23rd anniversary of the handing over of this semi-autonomous region to colonial Britain, he said that this decision was necessary to maintain Hong Kong's stability and that it must be taken in time. Meanwhile, the pro-democracy political group 'The League of Social Democrats' took out a rally ahead of Lam's speech. The people participating in it have demanded stern action for police atrocities and political reform.

There are 66 paragraphs in total six chapters of the applicable security legislation. The law also included provisions for the government to take action against anti-protesters last year. During the demonstrations, government offices and police stations were attacked, including damage to subway stations and closure of the city's international airport. Taking part in separatist activities would be a violation of this new law. The law was passed at a time when the Hong Kong legislature declared it illegal to insult China's national anthem in early June. Subsequently, this law was implemented.

Due to this law, people fear that it can be used to suppress the voices of protest in this semi-autonomous region. Meanwhile, the US criticized China for its move to implement the controversial new security law in Hong Kong. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in his statement, said that it was a 'sad day' for the people of the region and warned Beijing to bear the consequences. Pompeo said strongly on Tuesday, "China's Communist Party's decision to implement stricter national security laws in Hong Kong erodes the autonomy of the region." It is one of the most successful economy and dynamic societies in the world, but Beijing's fear of the ambitions of its own people has undermined the foundation of the region's success.

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