How many bomb threats were received in India in May 2024, Look At Overview
How many bomb threats were received in India in May 2024,  Look At Overview

India saw a significant rise in bomb threats in May 2024, affecting airports, schools, hotels, and other public places. Here’s a summary of the major incidents:

IndiGo Flight Incident (May 28)

Location: Delhi Airport

Details: IndiGo flight 6E2211 from Delhi to Varanasi received a bomb threat. The plane was moved to an isolation bay and thoroughly checked. No suspicious items were found.

Mumbai Taj Hotel and Airport Threat (May 27)

Locations: Taj Hotel and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai

Details: A call from Uttar Pradesh claimed bombs were planted at these locations. After extensive searches, no bombs were found. Authorities are searching for the caller.

Chennai Airport Email Threats (May 26)

Location: Chennai Airport

Details: Two emails warned of bombs near the airport. Police investigations revealed the emails were hoaxes.

Delhi University Colleges Threat (May 23)

Locations: Lady Shri Ram College and Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi

Details: Both colleges received threatening calls. Police and fire services found no bombs.

McDonald's in Dadar, Mumbai (May 19)

Location: McDonald's, Dadar, Mumbai

Details: A call claimed a bomb was planned at McDonald's. Police found no suspicious items after checking the location.

Ministry of Home Affairs Threat (May 22)

Location: North Block, Delhi

Details: A bomb threat email was sent to the Ministry. It was declared a hoax after investigation.

Bengaluru Hotels Threat (May 23)

Location: Multiple hotels in Bengaluru, including The Ottera

Details: Threatening emails were sent to three hotels. No bombs were found after searches.

Delhi-Vadodara Air India Flight (May 15)

Location: IGI Airport, Delhi

Details: A tissue paper with the word "bomb" was found on the flight. After a search, nothing was found, and passengers were safely flown to Vadodara.

Kanpur Schools Threat (May 14)

Location: Seven schools in Kanpur

Details: Hoax bomb threat emails were sent to several schools. No explosives were found.

Delhi Hospitals and Tihar Jail Threat (May 14)

Locations: Seven hospitals and Tihar Jail, Delhi

Details: Bomb threat emails from a European service were received. All threats were false.

Jaipur Schools Threat (May 13)

Location: Over 50 schools in Jaipur

Details: On the anniversary of the 2008 Jaipur bomb blasts, multiple schools received threat emails. No bombs were found.

Bengaluru Hospitals Threat (May 13)

Location: Six hospitals in Bengaluru

Details: An email bomb threat was received, later declared a hoax.

Delhi Hospitals, IGI Airport, and Northern Railways Threat (May 12)

Locations: Multiple hospitals, IGI Airport, Northern Railways office in Delhi

Details: Email threats from a European service were sent. All threats were hoaxes.

Ahmedabad Schools Threat (May 7)

Location: 36 schools in Ahmedabad

Details: Emails traced to Pakistan threatened bomb blasts. No bombs were found.

Mangaluru International Airport Threat

Location: Mangaluru International Airport

Details: An email warned of a bomb. No explosives were found after searches.

Delhi Schools Threat

Location: Over 150 schools in Delhi-NCR

Details: Identical threat emails were sent to numerous schools, leading to evacuations. No bombs were discovered.

May 2024 saw an alarming increase in bomb threats across India, causing widespread disruption and fear. Authorities continue to investigate and ensure public safety, treating each threat with utmost seriousness.

Bomb Threats Surge Across India in May 2024: Key Incidents and Responses

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