How to get into a Med School? Doctor Ethan cracks the code on YouTube

Medicine is considered to be one of the noblest and toughest professions of all. While millions of students dream of pursuing it across the world, only a fraction make it. Getting into medical school, surviving the workload and exams, and then completing years of specialist training is not for the faint-hearted. A 21-year-old BMedSci student from Nottingham University, ‘Doctor Ethan’ understands the struggles of medical students and wants to do everything in his power to help them. 

Born in Birmingham, UK, Ethan Robert Gary Smallwood has always been passionate about medicine. “Medicine was an easy career to choose. I’d always excelled at sciences from secondary school, and I was fascinated by how the human body was so complex. Furthermore, becoming a doctor is such a rewarding profession; being able to help vulnerable and sick patients every day and improving their quality of life is such a privilege,” shares Doctor Ethan.

Not only is he diligent and wanting to make a difference in the lives of people, but he’s also extremely curious about the various conditions and genetic disorders that exist and wants to contribute towards their remedies. “The variety in medicine is unrivalled. Being able to work with hundreds of conditions from genetic disorders to cancer and working with athletes to the elderly and newborns, I’m very much looking forward to graduation in 2021 where I can begin my career as a doctor,” he adds.

The student of Nottingham University UK is a doctor in the making and also an Instagram influencer with over 100k followers! Through social media, Doctor Ethan tries to give his followers a glimpse of his life as a medical student—the struggles and the joys he experiences. He has already been leveraging Instagram to make medicine more interactive for his followers to great effect, and now Doctor Ethan is also starting a YouTube channel later this year. Through his channel—The Student Doctor—he wants to provide aspiring doctors an insight into the life of medicine and teach them how to apply at medical schools to get accepted successfully.

“Getting into medical school is one of the toughest things an aspiring doctor has to do. It wasn’t exactly an easy journey for me either, and I end up wondering at times, what if I had more guidance from someone who was already in school? I think I can share my experience with the world so that they can learn from my victories and also from my mistakes,” states Ethan.

Even though Ethan is on his way to becoming a doctor, he’s one of liveliest people you will ever come across. He documents his travels across the world for his followers on Instagram and uses innovative ways of making medicine more approachable and fun for them. Through social media, Doctor Ethan is not only sharing his journey but is also attempting to inspire thousands of aspiring medical students out there to go for their dreams. 

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