Human face of police: station in-charge showed generosity
Human face of police: station in-charge showed generosity

Sanjay Vani/ Alirajpur: There have always been allegations against the police department, but in getting the law to be followed, where the police have to be a little strict, the police emerge as a friend of the people through the same explanation, encouragement and service work. The human face of the Jobat police station in-charge of Alirajpur has come to the fore. When SHO Dinesh Solanki went on a tour of the city, he saw some small children barefoot, seeing which his heart sank and they were not spared. They took the children to the shop of slippers and shoes and wore slippers on their bare feet.  

Solanki did not stop here, he also explained to the children about school know-how under the School Chale Hum Abhiyan and motivated them to study and also asked the parents to send them to school. Let us know that while in some places, he is criticized for the bad behavior of the police, in some places, his very human face is also seen. While this generosity of the Jobat police station in-charge is being praised, it has brought out the human face of the police, which has been expected for years. Officials at the top level repeatedly say that the police should be friendly, but this form is hardly visible. Whenever such an instance is found, it is appreciated. Stories of brutality of policemen are a bit more prevalent, while it has to be understood that they are also members of this society and their heart beats.  

Some change their working practices because of professional compulsions and some selfishly. That's all that the need for improvement. Since most of the policemen are confronted with some kind of criminal, their behaviour is also rude. When they are strict with criminals, the people of the society also do not feel bad. Gradually, they get this habit and then they are not able to differentiate between a criminal and a decent and needy person. The needs of society have changed over time. That is why the human face of the police is also being stressed. But here we also have to understand that the police personnel also come from our society and we will get the police as it will be.

Dr. Jawahar Suri Setty did this work to get the children back to school.

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