When Wife refused to drink alcohol on honeymoon, the husband did this!
When Wife refused to drink alcohol on honeymoon, the husband did this!

The increasing number of crime cases these days is not taking a toll. The case that has come up recently is being referred to as Lucknow. Yes, according to reports, a man tried to force his wife to drink alcohol, and when his wife refused to drink, the husband threw the glass on his wife's mouth and threw pieces of glass into her mouth. Yes, the case is in March, but it was recently revealed when she reached the police.

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The victim, who lives in Aligarh, was married to Etah resident Rishabh on December 9 last year. The victim now alleges that the husband forced her to drink alcohol. Forbidden, she was beaten up. Not only that, he broke a bottle of wine or a glass of glass and penetrated his wife's mouth. According to the information found in the case, he wanted to make pornographic videos of his wife.

Speaking further in the case, the victim said that "her husband is fond of betting and had lost Rs 45 lakh in betting in IPL. The in-laws, on the other hand, used to pressurise the girl to get money, and the husband was in a desperate position to blackmail her by making pornographic videos of her wife and taking money from her."

In this case, the victim said that on the same pretext, she had gone to Darjeeling on a honeymoon with her and her sister and brother-in-law. There, too, the husband pressured the victim to drink alcohol and when she refused, he beat up his wife and pulled her out of the hotel room and even hit her outside. The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera of the hotel. The police are now investigating the case.

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