Read these questions for preparation of your competitive exams
Read these questions for preparation of your competitive exams

1. Who eats 'Garib Nawaz'?
Answer - Muinuddin Chishti

2. Where is Qutub Minar?
Answer: In Delhi

3. It is called the land between the mountain and the mountain.
Answer: Valley

4. Sahariya tribe is found.
Answer: In Rajasthan

5. Mountains and mountains are shown on the map.
Answer: Red

6. The country is the largest producer of silk (silk).
Answer: China

7. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the Kargil War?
Answer: Nawaz Sharif

8. is the national bird of India.
Answer: Peacock

9. When was the Indian National Congress established?
Answer - 1885 AD

10. Which shape is made of groundwater?
Answer - Karstavido

11. Kharif is a crop.
Answer: Mecca

12. When is the millet crop harvested?
Answer: October - November

13. Eskimo houses are built.
Answer: Ice

14. Before Delhi was the capital of India.
Answer: Calcutta

15.Lal Trikon is related to
Answer: Family Welfare

16. Contour line shows.
Answer: From the same height and size places above sea level

17. Cauvery River flows.
In north-south

18. Who is the author of Mahabharata.
Answer: Ved Vyas

19. Which tribe is most commonly found in Sri Lanka.
Answer: Sinhalese

20. Which grains are burnt during Holika Dahan?
Answer: Barley

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