If you want to know the origin of corona, give a check in US too: China to WHO

Beijing: China has once again hit out at the Us over the origin of the Corona virus. China has said that the origin of the virus is to find out if world health organization (WHO) experts are invited to the US to conduct an investigation. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin says more than 200 U.S. bio labs are spread all over the world.

There should be an examination of the Fort Datric Lab in particular. In fact, senior US expert Anthony Fossi has asked China to give a record of 9 people whose disease can be examined to detect the corona virus origin. China has responded very strongly. Recently, the Us newspaper Wall Street Journal published a report that three researchers from china's Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill in November 2019. They had to be taken to the hospital. The Us intelligence report provides detailed information on the number, time and hospital visit of the Sick Researchers of Wuhan Lab.

The Wall Street Journal said in its report that some current and former officials familiar with information about researchers at Wuhan Lab expressed a number of views about the credibility of the report. An official said it requires further investigation and additional confirmation.'The theory of lab leaks cannot be ruled out'.

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